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Loving Power

In these dark comedies, whether set in a small town, the city, a prison or a college campus, characters hunger for love and power and are caught in the clash between the two.

Available from the author and Bottom Dog Press.

The power of love in Robert Flanagan's vigorous collection of stories, LOVING POWER, set in his native Ohio, is bruising: a spry, hillbilly dancer who invites the abuse of her well-intentioned mate,the locally famous host of a radio call-in show; a scientist who adopts a bear-child from the woods and becomes her overbearing lover... The author is best when he lets his sprightly characters speak directly in their Midwestern drawls. His storytelling is as solid as rock. The author of three previous works of fiction, Flanagan deserves a wider audience.
-- Newsday

Lee K. Abbott called the collection an example of "the superior work of Robert Flanagan whose virtues on the page are precisely those we remain most in need of: authority, compassion, wisdom, and grace enough to put all three in prose exact enough to be science."

"A number of stories in this collection of seven are genuinely funny" and "for their humor, pathos, wisdom and Flanagan's fine inventiveness with language, these are stories worth reading." -- Columbus Dispatch

"In LOVING POWER Flanagan displays a gift for dialogue and great wit. All in all, Flanagan's stories offer a refreshing vehemence, touched by the occasional balm of forgiveness." -- Ohio Writer

All Alone And Blue
The Bearís Wifeís Husband's Tale
Winter Term
The Apprentice
Loving Power
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