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Selected Poems, 1969-2009, Bottom Dog Press

"What a wide slice of life Robert Flanagan's poems take in: knowing explorations of the `plowed heart of Ohio' and other American places--memorable art made from familiar experiences. Flanagan wins me with his rich humor and compassion, his keen ear and sharp eye, his technical skill, his ability to slam a poem shut with a crash, his way with simile and metaphor..."
--X.J. Kennedy

"These intelligent, sharply focused poems recall a gritty past of rented apartments, cracked tar, the fight game, and turf wars in scenes of working class urban America, 1950s. I greet this strong and moving book with admiration and joy. It deserves a large and enthusiastic audience."
-- Colette Inez

"Pugilistic ability is the one skill which begs for attention more than any other theme is this collection. It is the perceptive intelligence, it is the light and quick footwork of rhythm and tone...that recommends and grounds each poem and asks in the end:`How can we know the (boxer) from the (boxing)?' The sheer ability on display in Robert Flanagan's REPLY TO AN EVICTION NOTICE defies the accuracy of a single answer." His "knock-out" poems "hold the flesh, bones and spirit...together with white heat."
-- Herbert Woodward Martin, from the Introduction


Selected Poems, 1969-2009, Bottom Dog Press
A hard-hitting, best-selling novel about U.S. Marine Corps boot camp at Parris Island.
Each of these stories is a fine little film, speckled with credible dialogue from nuanced personae, shaded with bittersweet longing and generous humor.
Prizewinning collection of stories about the war between men and women, praised by reviewers nationwide.
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A brief personal essay on amateur boxing.
A scientist comes to see his invention, a Humanoid Automated Reconnaissance Body, as a difficult "teenage son."
A two act dramatic comedy with occasional music set in 1912 in Liberty Center, Ohio.