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Version 2.0


What happens when a defense department scientist averse to human relationships comes to see his robot creation as his "son," and that surrogate son reaches his "teens" and falls in love with an airport metal detector? VERSION 2.0 is the play that answers this question.

There's a lot of comedy and truth in this ten minute script with its five roles (three M, two W): Dr. Hubert Deemer, Harb (the automated human), Buckeye Guy, Guard and Passerby.

"VERSION Robert Flanagan and Sheldon Gleisser's hip variation on the Frankenstein/​mad scientist myth." -- The Columbus Dispatch

"Funniest and smartest of the festival is Flanagan and Gleisser's VERSION 2.0. It's done with wit and style and comes off as utterly fresh." -- Columbus Alive

VERSION 2.O was the hit of "Airport 2002," a shorts festival produced by Contemporary American Theatre Company in May-June of 2002 in Columbus, Ohio, was awarded a Greater Columbus Arts Council fellowship, selected as a best script of the year by the 9th annual Central Ohio Theatre Critics Circle Poll, and won the Other Paper's annual Heidi Award for Best Original Short. VERSION 2.0 also was produced by The Players, Detroit, MI, and elsewhere.

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